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About BAWA Cane

BAWA Cane is the revolutionary assistive device that transforms any existing white cane into a smart cane, offering enhanced capabilities and improved safety for visually impaired individuals. Designed as a clip-on device that attaches to the handle of a standard white cane, BAWA Cane is an inclusive solution that can be easily incorporated into the lives of the blind and visually impaired community.

BAWA Cane is a product that has been designed to work in conjunction with existing white canes, providing additional functionality that enables blind and visually impaired individuals to navigate their environment with greater ease and independence. By using dual ultrasonic sensors, BAWA Cane can detect obstacles that are at head level and below knee level, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing safety.

We envision BAWA Cane to be the center of all things for a blind and visually impaired person from how they move, how they commute, to how they interact with other people and smart devices.


Constantly having the need to replace damaged white canes?
The clip-on device on all your existing canes1.


White canes cannot detect overhanging branches or obstacles. BAWA Cane features dual ultrasonic sensors2.


Tailored to your routine activities of daily living.
Getting around familiar and unfamiliar places effortlessly3.

Key Features

BAWA Sight+ sensor fusion technology.

Sensing. Above. Below.

Meticulously crafted to be a powerful, ultralight mobility and navigation aid features the BAWA Sight+TM sensor fusion technology that just understands the surrounding.

BAWA Alert+ multisensory feedback experience.

Audio. Haptic. Both.

Engineered to give you the reliability and safety you need in an assistive device features the BAWA Alert+TM multisensory feedback experience that just gets the message across.

Security and privacy built-in with Infineon OPTIGA Trust X.

Security. Privacy. Built-in.

Scrupulously architected multilayered security and privacy, just as any connected devices, features the OPTIGATM Trust X enabling secured communication and over-the-air updates.

Artificial neural network learns, adapts, and becomes an extension of you.

Learns. Adapts. You.

Empowering every white cane with cutting edge artificial neural network which tailor-make each unique user experience that ultimately becomes an extension of you6.

Optimised for all-day usage.

Optimised. All-day. Usage.

Intricately forged around an exceptionally low-energy, high-performance and versatile ARM® CortexTM-M4F CPU running at 64 MHz that just keeps on going.

Your BAWA Cane is unique to you.

Connect. Personalise. More.

Complete your BAWA experience by connecting effortlessly via Bluetooth® with the perfect companion app, BAWA Cane mobile app, that shows your daily activity and more.

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Enhanced Safety

BAWA Cane’s advanced multi-sensor technology and cloud-based analytics provide real-time insights and foresight to help users navigate their surroundings safely. This feature helps users identify and avoid obstacles and hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

BAWA Cane can work independently without connecting to the mobile app. While, enhanced features like ‘Find My BAWA Cane’, cane calibration and personalisation, and contacting loved ones in times of emergency4 are enabled by connecting to BAWA Cane app5.

Enhanced safety: BAWA Cane detects overhanging (above–knee) obstacle such as signboards.
Increased Independence: BAWA Cane detects the underside of staircases and the narrow stair handles.

Increased Independence

The BAWA Cane’s ability to detect even the smallest of obstacles and objects with a narrow base is a game-changer. This allows users to confidently navigate their environment with greater independence and freedom.

The device’s shared data and cloud-based analytics create a network of information that can help identify and prevent potential risks and accidents, allowing users to go about their day-to-day lives with greater autonomy.

Peace of Mind

BAWA Cane is designed to provide its users with the peace of mind they need while navigating their surroundings. This is achieved through the use of advanced ultra wide-angle detection technology, which allows the cane to detect obstacles at various heights and angles.

For caregivers, families, and friends, BAWA Cane provides real-time visibility into the location and status of users. The BAWA Life app gives loved ones peace of mind and the ability to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Peace of Mind: BAWA Cane features ultra-wide angle detection.
A person holding a white cane with BAWA Cane attached.
What's in the box? BAWA Cane, Micro USB B cable, and product manual.
BAWA Cane with dimensions (93x106x33mm)

Urgently Need BAWA Cane?

As a blind or visually impaired individual, you deserve a cane that not only guides you, but also keeps you safe. BAWA Cane, our smart clip-on secure internet-of-things device, enhances your mobility and independence with its innovative features.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to empower your mobility, safety, and independence with BAWA Cane.

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  1. Clips onto existing white canes of diameter ranging from 11 to 14mm. White canes not included. Battery life up to 3 days. Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by a BAWA Tech Authorized Service Provider.
  2. BAWA Cane has a detection resolution of ±1cm, detection range up to 4.5m, and sensor angular coverage of 45°. Sensors are splash, water and dust resistant, though, device have yet undergo Ingress Protection (IP) tests. Do not attempt to charge a wet BAWA Cane.
  3. Users are required to undergo proper mobility and orientation training for effective usage of device. There is a learning curve whereby users need to familiarise with the various alerts and haptic feedbacks. Feedbacks customisable in-app (audio only, haptic only, or both). Refer to the product manual for more information.
  4. BAWA Cane mobile app sends push notifications to pre-configured emergency contact(s) when cane is dropped and not picked up within a certain time. Internet connectivity and location permissions required.
  5. Mobile phones not included. BAWA Cane mobile app runs on Android 10.0+. iOS coming soon.
  6. Experiences may varies. Our team may push updates and improvements to the artificial intelligence (AI) model which requires your device to undergo secure device firmware updates. Firmware updates are free of charge, and performed through the BAWA Cane mobile app. Internet charges apply.
  7. Logos, Trademarks, and Wordmarks belongs to their respective owners.

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