A New Era of Accessibility

Help your loved ones gain confidence, mobility freedom, and independence

We bring you, BAWA Cane, a smart cane for the blind—with enhanced capabilities that reduces head-level and fall accidents.

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Constantly having the need to replace damaged white canes?
The clip-on device on all your existing canes1.


White canes cannot detect overhanging branches or obstacles.
BAWA Cane features dual ultrasonic sensors2.


Tailored to your routine activities of daily living.
Getting around familiar and unfamiliar places effortlessly3.

Man using white cane crossing the street

In a world without sight, we use technology to give your loved ones a reason to get out there and live life to the fullest!

Introducing BAWA Cane

Research shows that over 90% of blind and visually impaired persons experience accidents—overhanging branches or obstacles—resulting in a fall even while using a white cane. Such accidents often require medical attention, changed walking habits, and reduced confidence as independent travelers.

Introducing BAWA Cane as a solution through innovative technologies to detect obstacles better and recreating hope. We envision BAWA Cane to be the centre of all things for a blind and visually impaired person from how they move, how they commute, to how they interact with other people and smart devices.

Confidence to be active independently

Blind people wish to walk around on their own without anyone else’s assistance and this can be achieved with great benefit by owning a BAWA Cane.

BAWA Cane with white cane

BAWA Cane for All

Caring for Blind Family and Friends Made Easier

By introducing BAWA Cane to the people you care about, you can help them avoid tripping and falling and hurting themselves while walking.

With the BAWA Cane you become more confident and feel less anxious about your visually impaired family and friends who loves going out for an adventure of their own.

By giving a BAWA Cane, you are recreating hope for your loved ones and instilling them with confidence to be active independently. Studies shows that individuals with visual impairment who travel more frequently outdoors are at lower risk of head-level or fall accidents.

BAWA Cane as mobility aids are safer, faster, and more dynamic which seemingly translates into mobility confidence. Increasing mobility confidence translates to an increase of social contact and independence.

Read about how we cared for our late grandmother, who had glaucoma and cataract, be mobile and independent on our blog.

People who turned blind, face immense trouble carrying out their daily activities, leaving them with both physical and mental pain, lets help them fulfil their desires—work, play, socialise.

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How BAWA Cane works?

Existing white canes (walking sticks) only help visionless people detect obstacles below–knee whereas, BAWA Cane helps them detect obstacles up to 1.2 meters (≈ 4 foot) above–waist and 1.2 meters (≈ 4 foot) in front.

BAWA Cane—blind walking cane with sensors—utilises available advanced technologies such as internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics to guide your loved ones and keep them safe.

Its dual sensors will perfectly detect not only large obstacles such as steps, drops, and overhead objects but also something as small as a tennis ball.

The device can work independently, beeping when it detects obstacles. Enhanced features like ‘Find My BAWA Cane’, cane calibration and personalisation, and contacting loved ones in times of emergency4 can be enabled by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone5.

BAWA Cane detects overhanging (above–knee) obstacle such as signboards.

Dual Sensing

Detects head-knocking obstacle such as signboards and branches.

BAWA Cane ensures our users reach their destination safely with the assistance of a voice–over navigation.

Wide-Angle Detection

Ensures user reaches their destination safely with ultra wide-angle detection.

BAWA Cane detects even the smallest of obstacles like handrails of stairs.

High Sensitivity

Detects even the smallest of obstacles and objects with narrow base.

Actions make dreams come true

BAWA Cane is the clip-on, secured IoT device that can help visually impaired people navigate and reach a destination—even if it is their first time at a location—safely avoiding hazards along their way there to satisfy whatever their passions, wants and needs are.

BAWA Sight+ sensor fusion technology.

Sensing. Above. Below.

Meticulously crafted to be a powerful, ultralight mobility and navigation aid features the BAWA Sight+TM sensor fusion technology that just understands the surrounding.

BAWA Alert+ multisensory feedback experience.

Audio. Haptic. Both.

Engineered to give you the reliability and safety you need in an assistive device features the BAWA Alert+TM multisensory feedback experience that just gets the message across.

Security and privacy built-in with Infineon OPTIGA Trust X.

Security. Privacy. Built-in.

Scrupulously architected multilayered security and privacy, just as any connected devices, features the OPTIGATM Trust X enabling secured communication and over-the-air updates.
Artificial neural network learns, adapts, and becomes an extension of you.

Learns. Adapts. You.

Empowering every white cane with cutting edge artificial neural network which tailor-make each unique user experience that ultimately becomes an extension of you6.

Optimised for all-day usage.

Optimised. All-day. Usage.

Intricately forged around an exceptionally low-energy, high-performance and versatile ARM® CortexTM-M4F CPU running at 64 MHz that just keeps on going.

Your BAWA Cane is unique to you.

Connect. Personalise. More.

Complete your BAWA experience by connecting effortlessly via Bluetooth® with the perfect companion app, BAWA Cane mobile app, that shows your daily activity and more.

The BAWA Cane Team’s mission is

“to revolutionize the way visually impaired could better perceive their environment by empowering them with technological support”


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  1. Clips onto existing white canes of diameter ranging from 11 to 14mm. White canes not included. Battery life up to 3 days. Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by a Wangi Lai PLT Authorized Service Provider.
  2. BAWA Cane has a detection resolution of ±1cm, detection range up to 4.5m, and sensor angular coverage of 45°. Sensors are splash, water and dust resistant, though, device have yet undergo Ingress Protection (IP) tests. Do not attempt to charge a wet BAWA Cane.
  3. Users are required to undergo proper mobility and orientation training for effective usage of device. There is a learning curve whereby users need to familiarise with the various alerts and haptic feedbacks. Refer to the product manual for more information.
  4. BAWA Cane mobile app sends SMS to pre-configured emergency contact(s) when cane is dropped and not picked up within a certain time. SMS charges applies.
  5. Mobile phones not included. BAWA Cane mobile app runs on Android 5.0+. iOS coming soon.
  6. Experiences may varies. Our team may push updates and improvements to the artificial intelligence (AI) model which requires your device to undergo secure device firmware updates. Firmware updates are free of charge, and performed through the BAWA Cane mobile app.

Experience BAWA Cane today!

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