Are you visually impaired or know someone who is? Technology can make life easier and more accessible for those who are blind or have low vision. From talking clocks to colour identifiers, here are five life-changing blind gadgets you need to know about.

Prices of the following listed blind gadgets are correct as of 24 April 2023.

BAWA Tech Blog: Blind Gadget - Talking Button Clock

1. Talking Button Clock

Do you struggle to read the time on a traditional clock? The Talking Button Clock solves this problem. It announces the time at the push of a button and also features an alarm function. This clock is compact and easy to use with a loud and clear voice, making it a perfect addition to any room.

Talking Button Clock

£17.25 Excluding VAT

BAWA Tech Blog: Blind Gadget - Color Star

2. Color Star for Colour Identification

The Color Star by CareTec is an innovative device that helps identify colours. It uses a sensor to detect the colour of an object and then announces the name of the colour by natural voice prompts and vibrations. This tool is especially useful when sorting laundry, shopping for clothes, or decorating a room.

Color Star

£575.00 Excluding VAT

BAWA Tech Blog: Blind Gadget - Renaissance Tactile Wristwatch

3. Wearable Tech for the Visually Impaired

The Renaissance Multifunctional Tactile Wristwatch by CareTec is a game-changer for those appreciate not only high functionality, but also exclusivity. The watch features a variety of buttons that vibrate to indicate the time, date, and other user programmable functions by using the Sync software of the Renaissance on PC. The watch also includes a stopwatch, timer, and alarm.

Renaissance Multifunctional Tactile Wristwatch

£275.00 Excluding VAT

BAWA Tech Blog: Blind Gadget - NaviBelt

4. Navigating the World with NaviBelt

The NaviBelt is a wearable device that uses haptic feedback to guide users. It attaches to the waist and uses vibrations to indicate which direction to turn. This makes navigation easier and more discreet than using a traditional cane or guide dog.




5. Beyond a Basic Cane with BAWA Cane

The BAWA Cane is a revolutionary device that detects obstacles using ultrasonic sensors. It vibrates and beeps to alert users of any obstacles in their path. This can help prevent accidents and increase confidence when navigating unfamiliar environments.


£899.00 Excluding VAT

In conclusion, technology is making the world more accessible for those who are blind or have low vision. The Talking Button Clock, Color Star, Renaissance Multifunctional Tactile Wristwatch, NaviBelt, and BAWA Cane are just a few examples of the many devices available for those who are blind, have low vision, or deaf-blind.

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By incorporating these devices into daily life, individuals with visual impairments can enjoy more independence and freedom.

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