BAWA Cane featured on! is Kuching largest, most sophisticated compilation of attraction, food, events, and things to do in Kuching. Once in a while, features local entrepreneurs and startups. No only are we very fortunate to be featured amongst other great local startups in Kuching but also grateful to for picking up on our amazing startup journey.

BAWA Cane as seen on

This article is shared over 3,000 times in less than 24 hours after going live. Consequently, we experienced a massive, organic spillover traffic of over 300 page views on that day.

The article is written in Malay language. Similarly, the article talks about the ability of BAWA Cane detecting obstacles above knee level unlike traditional or existing white canes. BAWA Cane triggers an alert as a result of sensing obstructions.

BAWA Cane is an intelligent, connected device that uses Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to identify obstacles encountered. These data then empowers every visually impaired on our platform to have prior knowledge of an obstacle that is in their path.

Below is the excerpt.

An article featuring BAWA Cane on
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