We strongly believe that it is our mission to help those who are in need like the blind community to better perceive their surrounding environment to be able to be mobile and do more. Thus, BAWA Cane is created to fill this gap. You may wonder how our journey continued after Microsoft Imagine Cup Big Idea Challenge.

If you have yet read our Microsoft Imagine Cup: Big Idea Challenge journey, click here.

In this post, we continued our humble journey to validate our idea and innovation in Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia 2016. This is a 4 part series sharing our experience through the preliminaries all the way to Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia 2016 grand finale.

Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia 2016 Submission Website

Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia (Preliminary round)

Application to participate in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia National Finals finally opened in March 2016! Team BAWA was enthusiastic to join in the party where we will be competing in the World Citizenship category.

Application; we had to submit a proposal of our idea. The items to be included in the proposal is like the Big Idea: Plan Challenge and Big Idea: Design Challenge. All we had to do was copy, paste, and keep editing as well as refining the document. It is easier said than done as based on the feedbacks we received from the Big Idea Challenge’s judges, we had quite a lot of refining and research to do.

Moving on, after the submission before 21 March 2016, it was the dread long process of waiting for the results again. Then, the announcement was made on Imagine Cup Malaysia’s Facebook page on 28 March 2016. It was announced that we are one of the contenders in the World Citizenship category. This also signified that it was our time to pack our bags to compete against teams from Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Monash University Malaysia, University of Southampton Malaysia Campus and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak in Malacca (also known as Melaka). May the odds be in our favour.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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